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When you need estate planning solutions, we make sure your family's needs are always met. Don't struggle through confusing probate laws on your own. Our experienced estate attorneys make sure your estate is always handled ethically and legally.


Make sure you always have an estate plan for your family. Young or old, estates aren't just for in the case of your death. We can help with the preservation and dispositions of assets while you're living.

Protect your estate and your family's future

Let our attorneys walk you through the process of planning your estate. We make sure you understand exactly what goes into your estate. Don't leave deciding what will happen to your assets to your grieving family. Make sure our attorneys know exactly what you want before that happens. Trust us to protect, distribute, and invest your assets accordingly. Let us handle all the insurance, medical, and charitable planning for you. We have 2 convenient locations to better serve you!

Ensure your estate is always protected

For over 65 years, Graybill & Witcher, LLP has been the leading law firm in Elkhart. Our professionals are fully insured and bonded for your estate planning cases.

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